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Venice Destination Wedding I Ruth + Philipp

The last wedding we accompanied in 2021 was probably the most intimate. Ruth and Philipp decided to travel south to Venice just the two of them and say yes to each other in an Italian registry office. Only Nina as photographer, Kerstin as make-up stylist and us were allowed to join them and spend this absolutely gorgeous, sunny day in Venice with them. Coincidentally, we were both in this sweet city for the first time and completely smitten right away. The best part was after the wedding, when we walked the streets all together and took videos in the most beautiful places. We were also lucky with the tourists because it didn't seem to be as busy as usual. At sunset Ruth & Philipp said goodbye and went out for dinner, while we ended the evening comfortably with pizza and an Aperol Sprizz. 

Photography: Nina Romana

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